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JMC Packaging Equipment is the packaging machinery division of the Johnsen Machine Company. It is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of high quality packaging machinery.

For over twenty years, JMC Packaging Equipment has supplied industry with innovative solutions for every packaging application, including wicketted bagging and sealing systems, master balers, robotic palletizers, bulk baggers as well as hot air sealers.

JMC Automatic Wicketted Bagging and Sealing System—a flexible packaging solution with a high return on investment. Our Wicketted Bagging and Sealing System is a totally automatic packaging machine designed for integration with most types of automatic scales and feeder devices and for bagging of all manner of free flowing products.

JMC Automatic Master Baler—We’ve designed and engineered the JMC Automatic Master Baler for the master bagging of a large range of prepackaged products into poly, paper or mesh master bags/bales. Our Master Baler can be integrated with a JMC Fuseaire 4 Hot Air Sealer or any other types of closers to deliver an extremely effective automatic master bagging solution.

JMC Robotic Palletizer—We design and supply complete robotic cells for palletizing, packaging, materials handling and a variety of additional applications. JMC Packaging Equipment is especially distinguished as one of the few approved Level One Integrators of Robotic Palletizers by FANUC Robotics North America.

Our Robotic Palletizing Cells are fully integrated systems designed and quality manufactured to provide the highest performance, reliability, uptime and flexibility in a compact, space saving footprint.

JMC Robotic Palletizers deliver a broad range of efficiencies and flexible solutions for automatic palletizing of all types of containers. With increased productivity and reduced labour costs, JMC Robotic Palletizers provide manufacturers and industry a durable, cost-effective palletizing solution.

Fanuc Robotics Authorized Integrator

JMC Bulk Bagger—The JMC Automatic Bulk Bagging Machine is designed to fill premade poly or paper bags, with all types of product up to 50 pounds weight. It can be integrated with a JMC Fuseaire 4 Hot Air Sealer, or other types of closers to deliver an effective and reliable automatic bagging solution.

JMC Fuseaire 4 Hot Air Sealers—JMC Heat Sealers efficiently seal premade poly bags of all sizes and types. Simple to operate, with no consumables and low maintenance costs, the JMC Fuseaire 4 Hot Air Sealers deliver the ideal closing device for the JMC Automatic Master Baler.

With time-tested experience, technology and excellent after sales support and service, JMC Packaging Equipment continues to deliver reliable and cost-effective packaging solutions to industry across North America.


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